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BLT Callouts

Posted by kkap2 on Wed Sep 09 2015, at 16:12

We will be having our BLT general callout tonight (September 9) from 7:10-8:15pm in FRNY G140. We hope to see you all there!

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BLT events Fall 2015

Posted by kkap2 on Sat Aug 22 2015, at 17:23

BLT is proud to announce that it has scheduled all of its events for the semester! Humans vs. Zombies, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and many more! Here's a link to our full event calendar:

Email us with any questions at!

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Help us help you

Posted by kkap2 on Sun Aug 09 2015, at 21:37

Greetings BLT members!

I hope you've all had a great summer so far! As we all gear up for another semester, we look to our players and club members to help guide us in what they would like to see from us for the upcoming semester. The following link is to a player opinion survey that asks what you all enjoyed or felt needed improvement from last semester:

The survey requires a valid email address in order to prevent spam or repeat entries, but rest assured that all results are kept completely confidential and no names will be available to us when we review the results. This is your chance to anonymously let us know anything you would like to continue to see or would prefer not to see happen in both the club and our events. I highly suggest you take this opportunity to make your voices be heard! This club is nothing without our members and we truly value any and all feedback that you have to offer.

To clarify a couple things about the survey, "BLT" refers to the organization as a whole (administration, staff, these messages, etc.) and "HvZ week" refers to our Humans vs. Zombies game week ONLY, not the club or staff. Also, please be sure to keep things constructive. You're all entitled to your opinions, but simply typing insults into each box doesn't help us identify and fix things you might not have enjoyed.

Finally...Humans vs. Zombies Game Week has been scheduled for October 19-23! Look forward to much more information on game week as the semester begins. Have a great rest of your summer!

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BLT staff applications!

Posted by kkap2 on Mon Apr 06 2015, at 17:36

HvZ week has come to a close this semester and we hope you all had a fun time!

In order for HvZ to continue each semester, we need dedicated staff members to help plan and run events. If you think you would like to help in this regard, feel free to apply via the following link:

Staff positions include:
-HvZ committee, who are responsible for planning game week.
-PR committee, who help spread the word about the game to help us get
as many players as possible each semester.
-Offseason committee, who help plan club events that aren’t HvZ
related (Capture the flag, dodgeball, etc.).
-IT committee, who help maintain our organization’s website.
-Moderators, who help ensure that the game is running safely and
fairly each night.

We do not require prior experience, just a passion to help make our game better each semester and a willingness to put in the work to do so. If this description sounds like you, please apply and I'm sure we can find a place on staff for you!

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Callout and Table Information

Posted by Darkhunter on Mon Mar 23 2015, at 18:05

Hello BLT members!

Welcome back to campus and we hope you all had an awesome break! We've got some good news for you all, the fun doesn't have to end just because spring break is over! Humans versus zombies is back and it's running from March 31-April 4!

It is mandatory to attend at least one callout to participate. Callouts will take place on the following dates, so mark your calendars:
March 25 ARMS 1010 at 6pm
March 26 CL50 50 also at 6pm

Moderator callouts will be held at 7pm immediately following the March 26th callout.
We will also have a Comm table set up from 10am-4pm located between Beering hall and University Hall on Thursday (3/26) and Friday (3/27). Stop by the comm table at any point during these times to sign up, turn in your waiver, receive your player band, or just to say hi to BLT staff!

We hope you all participate, we've got a great game week planned out for you!

-Boiler League of Tag Staff

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