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HvZ Week Canceled for Spring Semester

Posted by Blkfenix89 on Wed Feb 26 2014, at 19:18

Dear Players,

With our sincerest apologies, we must inform you that our week long game of Humans vs Zombies will not occur this semester. Due to last month's tragedy and discussions with Purdue University staff, we believe that because of the recent shooting of one of our own, Andrew Boldt, that we do not conduct our game this year on Purdue’s campus out of respect for him and his family. Some people are still shaken up by the event that transpired earlier this year. However, do not fret. We have been given the option of conducting non-Nerf and off-campus events. Please keep in mind that this DOES NOT mean Humans vs Zombies is banned indefinitely from Purdue’s campus. Plans for Fall 2014 are already underway, as well as plans for off-campus Nerf events this spring.

We will be posting updates at our Facebook, Twitter, and club page forums ( for updates on these events. We believe that this is the best course of action and though it is not the outcome we all hoped for, it is the one we have been given and have to accept. Please keep up to date with us as more details become available this semester, and we promise we will do all that we can for you. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Boiler League of Tag Staff

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Staff Application Spring '14

Posted by Darkhunter on Sun Jan 12 2014, at 12:01

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful winter break! Just a friendly reminder that the staff application for this semester is now up.


Good luck with classes, and I hope to see you all out for this semesters game :)


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Spring Co4 Ballot

Posted by Nitrox on Mon Nov 25 2013, at 21:14

The ballot for next semester's Co4 is as follows:

Sean Hadley
Tyler Gehring
Lonald Howard

Kelsey Anderson

Nina Zing

Look out for the links to the bios and voting next week!

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HvZ Week!

Posted by Nitrox on Wed Oct 23 2013, at 08:59

If you haven't noticed, HvZ week is underway!

Go to the HvZ Tab to check out important game information.

If you need help registering to play, go to Comm table tonight at 7pm.

The cutoff for people registering as humans, to be fair to the zombie horde, is 8pm Wednesday. All people that want to sign up after that may do so, but as they haven't been a target for all of Tuesday and Wednesday day, they are required to play as a zombie.

If you have any questions, let us know!

Have fun!

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Dawn of the Final Day

Posted by Nitrox on Mon Oct 21 2013, at 00:36

Hey all!

HvZ week is less than 24 hours away, and it's time to check in on how the game will start!

Need to turn in waivers or have friends that still need to sign up? DON'T WORRY! We'll have a table out at the Clapping Circles (Pappy's rain location) from 10am to 4pm on Monday and Tuesday! WE'll have some Pappy's coupons as well as bands for you to pick up.

Missed a callout? Don't worry! Check the last news post for a link to the powerpoint we used.
Check the rules as needed, it is a better source for rules questions.

We will be having a "Night Zero" to introduce the plot to start the game this semester. Night Zero will start at 11:30PM Monday and end around when midnight hits, with the belltower signaling the start of the game. We will meet at CL50 at 11:30PM Monday to start this mission.


Once the belltower rings at 12:00AM, marking the start of Tuesday, the game is on! Original Zombies will be active and will start hunting humans.

Remember, Original Zombies don't have to wear their headbands. They can't wear human armbands. They can be stunnable, but they may not tell you that they are stunned. If you get tagged by one, make sure their feedcode says they are an Original Zombie (if you are tagged by a banded zombie, they don't need to have Original Zombie on their feedcode to have earned your brains, as they are a normal zombie). Keep your eyes peeled, but please don't blast every person on campus! OZ's stop their stealth mode at 6:00 PM Tuesday and must wear bands from then on.


Remember: THE GAME STARTS TOMORROW (Tuesday). Monday is your last day before the game starts. Print out your feedcode and have your band ready. Keep an eye on your emails and, and have fun this week!

If you have questions, find a blue/green band and ask away, or email . Any technical issues with the website can go to .

Good luck, and have fun!

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