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Posted by Bakerscoyne on Mon Apr 11 2016, at 23:31

Hey guys,

So I heard today there was a lot of confusion about where COMM table is. This semester it is by MSEE (facing the fountain). I apologize for not stating this before, it's my own fault. We moved it for safety of protecting the tents for AG week. So if you need COMM, go behind MSEE (facing the fountain) for night mission information.

Thank you,

Charizard Hat Girl (aka Kristine the PR Head)

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Posted by Bakerscoyne on Tue Feb 16 2016, at 00:04

Hey everyone!

We will be having a general call out for the club this Wednesday (Febraury 17th) in Hampton Hall room 1144 from 7-9pm!

I hope to see you all there, please tell your friends to come!

-- Kristine (PR Head, aka charizard hat girl)

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Welcome Back!

Posted by Bakerscoyne on Sat Feb 06 2016, at 22:11

Hi everyone,

I would like to let you all know we are getting ready for another great semester of Boiler League of Tag! We have great games in store for you and we will keep you updated on everything as soon as we get the go ahead.

I look forward to seeing you all again!

- Kristine (aka Charizard Hat Girl and PR)

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Elections for Spring 2016

Posted by kkap2 on Thu Nov 12 2015, at 10:51

Elections are now active for the Executive Officers (Club President and Vice President) of the Boiler League of tag. These individuals will oversee every aspect of the club including HvZ week, Offseason events, Capture the Flag, advertising opportunities, and more. It is very important you make your voice heard and select who you wish to run the club. It takes less than one minute to submit your vote, so please follow this link and vote!

The polls close at 5:00pm tomorrow (Friday, November 13) and results will be published shortly after this time. Every vote counts, so please take the time to support this organization!

Here are the bios for your candidates, so that you know who you are voting for:

Isaac Frank: Hello, My name is Isaac Frank, and I'm a freshman in Computer Information Technology. I’ve been with BLT staff as long as I have been at Purdue and I hope to help the club in any way I can during my time here. Over the past few years of my life I have collectively spent around four years working as an Administrator or Sr. Staff member for several online communities and clubs in school. During the time I've spent as staff with those organizations, I've helped plan and execute multiple events that are very similar to the events the Boiler League of Tag host, including Humans vs. Zombies at my high school. One of the online communities I've staffed for was an gaming community. I was responsible for coordinating multiple events across multiple servers. I often had to organize the activities in the events, determine how many staff members are needed, and dispatch the staff members to the necessary locations. I have plenty of experience, and I want to help BLT as much as possible. I would love to be able to help this community grow, and I look forward to seeing you all at future events.

Alan Han: Hi, my name is Alan Han and I'm a sophomore in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This semester, I was on the offseason committee that's responsible for running the weekend capture the flag and HvZ practice games. I’ve also been helping offseason to plan our upcoming invitational. I've consistently volunteered as a mod and NPC for both offseason and HvZ gameweek, and I'd love to help BLT even more as a club officer.

Charles Li: Hello, I'm Charles Li. I do things. One common thing among the things that I do is making things that do stuff. When doing these types of things, I like to make electricity do things that make other stuff do things. Another thing I do, but do not do as much, is read about stuff that has been done. I hope the thing you do is selecting me to make things that you can all have fun doing later.
In all seriousness, my name is Charles Li and I am a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. I really enjoy working on projects and organizing events. One of the most fun events I’ve been able to help organize was this semester’s Humans vs. Zombies week! I’ve been an HvZ player for a year and this semester was my first time on staff. This semester I helped run offseason events such as capture the flag and was an NPC/moderator for HvZ week. If you didn’t gather from earlier, I am running to be an officer for BLT. I believe I have the tools and dedication to help make the most fun events possible. I’m Charles Li, vote for me to do the thing!

Brad Cearing: Hello everyone! My name is Bradley Cearing and I am a senior in CGT. I have been with BLT for a little more than 3 years now. I’ve held multiple different offices in my time as a staff member. My positions have included being the Head of PR for 1 semester, a member of PR committee for 2 semesters, and 1 semester as an HvZ committee member. I have also moderated the game for 3 years. I have been with the club for a long time now and I have learned a great deal from it. I would like to support this club with all of my ability and I feel that makes me qualified to be an officer.

Good luck to all our candidates!

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Extractions and Top zombies Fall 2015

Posted by kkap2 on Sat Oct 24 2015, at 00:57

Our game week for Fall 2015 has concluded. 20 humans managed to extract. The names of those extracted were:
Michael Kuhn
John Kuhn
John Ohmberger
William Fairfield
Jon Fortner
Felicia Goh
Maddie German
Sam Rosser
Nicholas D'Alfonso
Matthew Hackner
Andres Cervantes
Andrew Cox
Sam Barker
Eric Kong
Benjamin Cummins
Jake Stouder
Patrick Kelly
Brandon Henman
Michael Abbate
William VanOrsdel

Our top scoring zombies for the week were:
1. Jeremy Kelnhofer with 13 kills
2. Samuel Anglin with 11 kills
3. Jacob Frank with 8 kills
4. Keith Ridge with 6 kills
5. Christian Buckley with 6 kills

Congratulations to those who survived the week as humans and to the zombies who rose to the top of the leaderboard. For those who did not, just remember that the game is not completely about making it to the end as human or getting the most kills, but rather getting out and having fun every night for a week. No matter which side you were on, which night you got tagged, or how many Humans you tagged, you won the game as long as you had fun while you were playing. We strongly believe that our game is about the fun journey to the end of game week and not necessarily about the finish line. Thanks for playing and have a great rest of the semester! We look forward to seeing you all in the Spring!

-BLT staff

EDIT: we were later informed that 4 feedcodes of people who extracted were not properly filed. Those names have been added to the list and the final total is 20, not 16 players who extracted.

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